Knights of Columbus Verde Council# 2493

Lest We Forget Our Fallen Brothers in Christ.      May you all rest in peace.

"Be not afraid for I am with you always, come and follow me and I will give you life"

"Weep not for me though I am gone into the gentle night, Grieve if you will but not for long for I have won the fight. I sleep in peace, my soul's at rest, there is no need for tears. For with your love I was so blessed for all those many years. There is no pain, I suffer not, and all the fears are gone. Put all these things out of your thoughts, for in your memories I'll live on. Remember not my fight for breath. Remember not my fight for breath. Remember not the strife. Please do not dwell upon my death, just be there to celebrate my life."

  The Knights of Columbus wishes to make known that we support, pray for and thank all of the members of our military, police and fire departments. These men and women are the true heroes of America since they knowingly and willingly place their lives on the line for all of us, even though it could cost them their lives. Please include those who have died for us in your daily prayers. We also request that you remember all of the priests, nuns and lay ministers who have died through-out the centuries and through-out the world for our faith.

     "In complete resignation to the will of Almighty God, we know in submission at the passing of these Brother Knights, with muffled tones and with tear-dimmed eyes we say farewell Brother Knights of Verde Council, may you rest in peace".

      If you know of any Brother Knights from our council who are not on this list, please notify:

by email: grandknight@verdekc.org

or by phone: 928-634-3839

Edward Dubois, H. Miller, W.J. Burke, Frank Tursick, F.X. Mooney, Fred De Rossette , J.E. Moore, W.D. Woods, D.J. O'Neill, J.H. Gilick, Louis Bunte, Tim O'Brien , H.A. Reid, Dan Shanahan, J.J. Connolly, Neil Bennett, D.J. Shea, J.P. Connolly , L.C. Wombacker, Dennis Shea, John Connolly, Jerry Sullivan, Matt Shea, James Presley , Con Sullivan, Neil O'Donnell, Tom Presley, Lawerence Sullivan, A.T. Pozzobon, Russel Kuhn Tom Mulcaire, Virgil Selna, J.B. McNalley Jr., J.I. Burns, Rev. Eustace Flamenco, M.J. Hinckley W.H. Fitzgerald, E.L. Sweeney, Henry Kreso, W.R. Fritzgerald, James Sweeney, Jas Harrington Jas Cain, Pat Riordan, Tim Harrington, John Cain, John Riordan, J.F. Harrington

George Benatz, Benjamen E. Scott, Robert E. Platte, Emil Mongini, Marcelino Varela, John Vigil,  Steve O’Brien,  Pat O’Brien, Michael Cash, Walter Hazeltine, Frank Noto, Michael Schneider, Fermin Estrada, Jim Haskins,  Jess Ynigues,  Edgar Lujan, Ted Schalick, Anthony Pilakowski, Alfonso Trujillo, Antonio Razo, Luis F. Martinez, Mario Selna, Ken Miles, Ralph Tompkins, Henry Gagnon, Leo Zuercher, Walter Shanahan, Joseph Pecharich, Howard Westcott, Richard Edwards
, Charles Bechtel


Passed away:
Passed away:
Fr. Michael Hurly 08/03/05 William Mc Kernan 06/2017
CharlesSchagene ? Richard Edwards 02/2018
Orlando Fajardo 10/06/06 Ron Kuglitch 03/2018
Ron Kraft ? Ron Schoenwiese 05/2018
Alphonse Lesperance 06/24/02 John Mooney 05/2018
Albert Sabin 07/28/02 Charles Bechtel 09/2019
Deacon Bill Starrs ? Robert Parman 10/2019
William Healy ? Victor Apodaca 11/2019
Salvador Munoz 01/25/07 Ray Lysz 12/2019
Matt Pecharich 01/28/07 Allen Gilson 01/2021
Henry Anaya ? Joseph Selna 01/2021
Joseph Rodriquez 12/02/07 Donald O'Toole 01/2021
Lee Nederkorn ? Walter Mc Intosh 05/2021
Peter Doyle 02/02/08 Ray Freudinger 11/2022
Fr. Michael Bain 09/03/08 Mike Vise 11/2022
Neil Mc Leod 10/02/08 John Grimaldi 12/2022
George Webber 10/06/08 Robert Rugloski 05/2023
Ernie Hill 11/19/08 Jerry Kuzniar 12/2023
Charles Mac Master 0214/10 George "Rick" Parks 02/2024
Rodigo Martinez ? Albert Kramer 05/2024
Wallace Lacher 08/16/10
Robert Dinegar 01/11/11
Alan Bryant 01/10/11
Fred Citrone ?
John Mc Cauley 02/12/11
Jesse Mahon ?
Ray Puetz 10/22/10
Kenneth Wesolowski 09/18/11
George Lightel 04/29/12
Frank Petrosky 05/0612
Dale Shandera 09/22/12
John Hirt ?
James Wright 06/18/13
Edward Foley 06/13/13
Phil Casey ?
John Donnely Jr. 06/03/14
John Mc Donald 11/01/14
Tom Zimmerman   02/20/15
John Tavasci Sr. 03/16/15
Orlando Cacho 04/12/15
Norman Norvell 04/18/15
Thomas Cadigan 10/08/15
Donald Reinhold 12/04/15
Fr. George Pirrung 02/03/16
Robert Makey 05/04/16
Frank Saporito 05/15/16
Lewis Slater Jr. 02/06/17
Jules De Haven 03/03/2017
Gary Lamm 03/28/17
Vincent Normile 04/05/17





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