Prayer Corner
PLEASE keep in your prayers our Brother Knights:

Chuck Bismack, Ray Freudinger, Piotr Klusek, Al Kramer, Nick Lucero, Fr. Bitrus Malgamo, Dennis Mathews, and Bob Rugloski,

Gordon Champagne.

Other prayers are requested for:

Steve Bajona, Chuck Bismack's granddaughter Erin Scocha, Chuck Bismack's sister Eleanor Allen and his grandson Henry Davis, Ray Freudinger's wife Marion, his son Paul, and his daughter-in-law Sheryl Freudinger, and his granddaughter Kristen Freudinger Frank, Fred Gonzales' wife Jennie and son Ricky, Paul Green's brothers Peter and Michael, Frank Hoene’s sister Loretta Norwalt and his brother-in-law Jim Fernandez, Deacon Dave Kaminsky, Fr. David’s brother Ralph, Fr. David’s nephew Scotty, Al Kramer’s daughter Esther, Jeff Leonard’s son Jason, Nick Lucero’s sister Virginia Gonzales, Bob Mackey's wife Mary, Karen McIlvoy, the Bill McKiernan Family, Walt McIntosh's wife Shelia, Mario Merino's wife Alice and sister Helen Vasquez, the, Dan and Betts Nelson's niece, Sarah Criss and her husband Michael and youngest son, Jameson, Lee Novonty's brother Karl, Robert Overrudder, Jim Plas’ daughter Lindsay, Dave Puzas’ granddaughter Serene and son David Jr., David Puzas’ wife Maria and daughter Elizabeth and his daughter-in-law Dee, the Frank Reed Family, Michael Romero's brother-in-law Rufus Alcanta, Fr. Salgado of St. Cecilia's Parish, Morgan Scott’s daughter Loraine Scott, Frank Simmon's, Charles St. George's wife Sandi, his brother Randy St. George and son Jason Estrada, his brother-in-law Pete Grijalva and Isaac Smith, and his Father-in-law, Pete Tafoya's wife Katy and son Marcos, Scott Watson's mother and father Dick and Marlene Watson, Anthony Weber's wife Janet and daughter Molly Girardi, Todd Wills brother Dick Willis, and Mike and Kathy Vize's son Ben, Jon Martinez's sister Margo Martinez.

Our active duty and returning military, our wounded warriors, His Holiness Pope Francis and the prayers for those in the silence of our hearts.

Please remember our departed Brothers, family and friends (RIP):

Victor & Vivian Apodaca, Charles & Naomi Bechtel, Mark Benassi, Deacon Onofre Duran, Fr. David's father Marcel, Ray Freudinger’s wife Marion, Al Gilson (Covid-19), Paul Green’s brother Tom, Rev. Kieran Kleczewski (pastor of St John Vianney), Al Kramer’s wife Isabel, Tony Lamattina and his wife, Ray Lysz and his wife Karen, Walt McIntosh, Seth Murphy’s wife Cathy, his father Tom Murphy and Seth’s brother Tom, Henry Parker’s wife Renate, Robert Parman, Fr. Peter Rosa (St. Bernadette Parish), Frank Simmon's wife Sandra, Aaron Morales (Charles St George granddaughter’s father), Thomas Stoffel, and Peggy Schneerman (sister to Todd Willis). Fred Tupkielewicz’ wife Joyce and his son Michael, Paul Woll, and Randy Ellis.

For additions or deletions to the Prayer List, please contact myself or District Deputy Jon Martinez at (928) 300-8976.