Grand Knight, Daiman Andre

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Knights of Columbus Verde Council 2493
Grand Knight Damian C. Andre
P. O. Box 2781
Cottonwood, AZ 86326
January 11, 2017

Dear Brother Knight:
When our Founder, Father Michael J. McGivney, established our Order in 1881 he did so for three principle reasons: to prevent Catholic men from joining banned secret societies (especially the Masons), to unite Catholic men in the expression of the Faith, and to provide for the families of deceased members.
Our Council was founded in 1923, following the rapid growth of the order nationwide. At our inaugural banquet, Joe Morgan of Prescott gave a speech in which he said, “Columbianism means simply service [to the Church] and patriotism.

Built on this solid foundation, the order is always and will always be a success...These two things are the principal objects of the Knights of Columbus and so long as the members of the order maintain and revere those principles they will go from success to success and from victory to victory.” In speaking with a great number of current and past Grand Knights of Councils around the country over the past few months, I have discovered that there are essentially three types of Councils in existence today.

The first have been described as “Catholic drinking clubs”. These Councils have Fraternity, but since they lack any depth of Faith or provide any safety net for families they have been in free-fall for decades and are virtually extinct. The second broad type of Council is sometimes described as “Rotary with Rosaries”. Most of these councils have much in common with various service organizations (Rotary, Lions, Elks) and their programs show it: food drives, tree plantings,
blood drives, neighborhood clean-up campaigns, student of the month campaigns, and so on. While these sort of civic actions are beneficial to the community, there is a glut of other organizations providing virtually the same services and they ignore the spiritual needs of both Knights and non-Knights in the Parish. This type of Council is currently in the process of rapidly aging, unable to attract young men to replenish its ranks, and so these Councils are quickly disappearing.

The third type of Council, and the only type that is growing, are those Councils who have taken the step to embrace what Father McGivney founded the Knights to be. These Councils have focused on the enhancement of their Parish, on the spiritual growth of member Knights, and providing a masculine example of leadership to the boys in the Parish. This has taken different forms around the country: rosary crusades, mail-order Catechism courses, parish-wide festivals, Columbian Squire Circles, and many other exciting programs.

While our Council appears to exhibit many of the earmarks of a “second type” Council, with the depth of our membership and the continuing strong support of our Pastor, I am confident that we could easily transition into a “third type” Council. With this in mind, I am reading this letter at tonight’s Council Meeting, instructing Brother Knight Jon Martinez to post this letter on our website ( and our FaceBook page (, and I am announcing that next month’s meeting at 7 pm in the Parish Hall on February 8, 2017 will be dedicated to discussing this issue. I hope that many of our Brothers who normally are not able to attend the monthly Council Meetings will be able to join us.

I am available to speak with any Knight at (928) 514-1730 or

May God bless us all. Viva Cristo Rey,

Grand Knight Damian C. Andre
Verde Council 2493