"“When knighthood was in flower, knights carried the sword to defend their God, their Church, their country and their fellow man according to the code of chivalry. Today, Sir Knights wear regalia and carry the sword to honor Christ and His apostles, especially on religious and civic occasions specified in this manual. Hence, the primary purpose of the Fourth Degree is to encourage active Catholic citizenship and foster the spirit of patriotism in members and the community at large." More than ever, we are in need of Fourth Degree Knights to represent not only the Knights of Columbus, but the Catholic Church. We are noticed walking down main street for a parade, attending a funeral for a brother Sir Knight, standing guard with our Priests and Bishops around the state, and other various activities that promote Charity, Unity, Fraternity, and Patriotism.

Our Current 2022-2024 Officers

Frank Hoene

Faithful Navigator




Faithful Captain

Fred Gonzales



Faithful Admiral

Color Corps Commander

David Puzas





Faithful Friar


Faithful Purser

Jon Martinez

Faithful Pilot

Paul Green



Faithful Comptroller

Mike Shaffer



Faithful Scribe

Steve Palmer





Inner Sentinel







Outer Sentinel

Ray Freudinger




Nick Lucero

First Year Trustee



Charles St. George

Second Year Trustee






Charles Bismack

Third Year Trustee


We meet in the Immaculate Conception Hall in Cottonwood on Bill Gray Rd and Hwy 89A.

Our Assembly meeting is included with our Council meeting which is on the 2nd Wed of the month.


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Past Faithful Navigators:

2002-2003 Kenneth Wesolowski
2003-2004 Kenneth Wesolowski
2004-2005 Jules De Haven Sr.
2005-2006 David Puzas
2006-2007 David Puzas
2007-2008 Donald Bowe
2008-2009 Robert Smith
2009-2010 Robert Smith
2010-2011 Willam Hutton
2011-2012 Manuel "Fred" Gonzales
2012-2013 Manuel "Fred" Gonzales
2013-2014 Jon Martinez
2014-2015 Manuel "Fred" Gonzales
2015-2016 Nick Lucero Jr.
2016-2017 Manuel "Fred" Gonzales
2017-2018 Manuel "Fred" Gonzales
2018-2019 Manuel "Fred" Gonzales
2019-2020 Charles St. George
2020-2021 Charles St George
2021-2022 Frank Hoene
2022-2023 Frank Hoene